"After several years suffering from stomach problems & many visits to the doctors, hospitals for tests & prescribed medication I finally gave up hope as nothing seemed to help. Until I seen an advert for 'Colonic Hydrotherapy'. I had nothing else to loose and after reading reviews & information on their site I booked my first ever session. My stomach would constantly be bloated, sore, with abnormal bowel movements along with constipation & diarrhoea. My Doctor first told me I had IBS & after taking 4 types of IBS medication none of them improved the situation. I was then referred onto a dietician as the doctor may have thought it was with what I eat & my nutrition. The nutritionist couldn't see any abnormal patterns & then referred me back to the doctors for a diabetes test. The test came back negative, I was then referred onto hospital for a colonoscopy & a barium follow through to check any abnormal patterns in my stomach & colon. Both came back negative. I was basically at the end of the road as none of the doctors or specialists knew what the problem was. After getting one of 4 colonic hydrotherapy sessions I felt so much better – I could literally see the swelling in my stomach shrink. I had so much gas & blocked faecal matter it was unbelievable. I could actually see it all coming out of me flowing into the tube, the technician recommended to get a further 3 of these which I did. I have just finished my course of 4 & what an improvement! I feel much better in myself, more energetic, no longer lethargic & no longer suffering from stomach pain or as much swelling in my stomach as I did before."

D., Cupar Fife (Scotland)

"I am having a series of colonic treatments and I am already feeling the benefit. I feel less bloated and no longer have a heavy feeling round my abdomen. Once the treatment is underway I relax as I become accustomed to the warm water. The treatment room itself is warm and relaxing and Agnieszka talks me through the process, explaining what is happening and checking I am comfortable. Everything is hygenic and above all discreet. A relative recommended Rejuvenate as she had also benefitted from the colonic treatment."

Linda Hall, Cupar Fife (Scotland)

Having had colonic treatment in several different clinics, which I believe is a great treatment for your health, diet and fitness. Rejuvenate is the best practise I have visited and would recommend to everyone. Give it a try and get some good results.

Mark Collins

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